oakland fathers club

Oakland Fathers' Club

You may know us from our Famous Cheesesteaks at the Oakland Carnival. We are "The Oakland Fathers’ Club," a 56-year old community organization that dedicates itself to serving the youth of our community through the support of various education, recreation, and safety programs.

Membership of the OFC is comprised of fathers within our community who volunteer their time and talent to raise funds and volunteer their support for:

Annual Scholarships for Graduating 12th grade Oakland Residents Recreation Program support for Sports Trophies, equipment and Field Renovations Support of Oakland Safety town Support of Oakland School Systems through programs such as Project Graduation and the VMS 8th Grade Dance Co-Run the Recreation Stand during local sporting events with the Oakland Mothers Club Provide for Needy Oakland families in the form of Holiday gift cards Have provided monetary donations to Eagle scouts projects that have benefited town residents directly Have donated directly when specifics requests are made for improvement projects in town Donated for the Michael Altana memorial Thank Hank Memorial fund raiser And much more...

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